Crime & Justice

We view the maintenance of order and the administration of justice as the most essential roles of the state. Our vision is a justice system that unambiguously protects individual liberty, upholds the rule of law, and is free from political motivations or undue influence. We believe in a system where contracts are respected and enforced, and where the law serves as an impartial guardian of rights and freedoms.


We champion laws that protect individual rights, and property, and advocate for a justice system that swiftly and reliably prosecutes crimes with victims.

Core Principles

Protection of Individual Liberty:

The state's foremost duty is to protect individual liberties from infringement, whether by others or by the state itself.

A legal system that prioritizes individual rights and freedoms is paramount.

Maintenance of Order:

The state is responsible for maintaining public order and ensuring a secure environment for all citizens.

Law enforcement practices must be efficient, effective, and respectful of civil liberties.

Impartial and Accessible Justice:

An impartial and transparent justice system, free from political bias and accessible to all, regardless of economic status.

The law should never be used to target individuals for political reasons or personal gain.

Fair Contract Enforcement:

Contracts are essential to a free and orderly society, and their enforcement is a key role of the justice system.

Legal mechanisms must be in place to fairly address contract disputes and uphold contractual obligations.

Policy Proposals

Reforming the Criminal Justice System:

Propose reforms to ensure fairness, transparency, and focus on protecting individual rights.

Policies to prevent over-criminalization and misuse of legal authority, while making the system more accessible to all, regardless of financial means.

Law Enforcement Accountability:

Increase accountability and transparency in law enforcement, aligning practices with community needs and rights.

Promote the use of body cameras, community policing, and other trust-building strategies.

Ensuring Equal Access to Justice:

Strengthen legal aid and support services to ensure that quality legal representation is available to everyone, not just those with substantial financial resources.

Implement reforms to make legal proceedings more efficient and less costly.

Preventing Politically Motivated Legal Actions:

Safeguard against the use of the justice system for political persecution or to unfairly target specific groups or individuals.

Commitment to Action

We are committed to a justice system that is not only just and fair but also accessible to everyone, irrespective of their financial means. Our goal is to ensure that individual liberty is protected, the rule of law is upheld, and justice is administered equally and impartially. We will work tirelessly to reform the criminal justice system, aligning it with these principles, ensuring it serves the people it is meant to protect, and maintaining the essential order of our society.