Employment Equity & BEE

We envision a society where every individual is judged by their abilities and merits rather than by their race or identity. Our party strongly believes that policies rooted in identity politics, such as Employment Equity (EE) and Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), are fundamentally flawed and counterproductive. We aim to dismantle these policies, advocating for a system that respects individual liberty and promotes equal opportunity based on merit and capability.


We believe in competence over quotas. We stand for a job market that is based on merit and skills and we will eradicate all identity-based policies such as Employment Equity and BBBEE.

Core Principles


Uphold the principle of meritocracy in employment and economic opportunities, where individuals are evaluated and rewarded based on their skills, effort, and contributions.

Reject any form of racial or identity-based criteria in employment and business practices.

Equality and Individual Liberty:

Emphasize equality under the law for all individuals, regardless of their racial or ethnic background.

Advocate for individual liberty, where personal ability and merit are the cornerstones of success.

Opposition to Identity Politics:

View policies like EE and BEE as divisive and detrimental to national unity and economic growth.

Believe that such policies perpetuate racial categorization and go against the values of a free and equal society.

Policy Proposals

Abolishing EE and BEE:

Propose legislation to abolish Employment Equity and Black Economic Empowerment programs, replacing them with policies that promote equal opportunity for all citizens.

Ensure that all employment and economic policies are race-neutral and focused on individual qualifications and merit.

Promoting Non-Discriminatory Practices:

Advocate for non-discriminatory practices in the workplace, encouraging diversity and inclusion based on merit and individual capabilities.

Support initiatives that provide equal access to education and skills development, enabling all citizens to compete fairly in the job market.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship:

Foster an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and business growth for all South Africans, without preferential treatment based on race or identity.

Commitment to Action

Our commitment is to create a society where individuals are valued for their abilities and where opportunities are available to all based on merit. We will work tirelessly to remove policies that categorize and divide people based on race or identity, and instead promote a culture of equality, meritocracy, and individual liberty. We believe that this approach is not only fairer but also essential for the prosperity and unity of our nation.