We envision a healthcare system that is driven by choice, competition, and innovation rather than government control. We stand firmly opposed to the National Health Insurance (NHI) plan, as we believe it represents an overreach of government into the healthcare sector, potentially leading to decreased quality, increased wait times, and diminished freedoms for both patients and providers. Our goal is to promote a healthcare system where individuals have the freedom to choose their healthcare services and providers.


We belive in healthcare choice, not government prescription. We oppose NHI, and support private-led health solutions.

Core Principles

Opposition to NHI:

Strongly oppose the implementation of the NHI, advocating instead for a healthcare system that is more responsive and efficient without government monopolization.

Highlight concerns about government-managed healthcare systems, including potential inefficiencies, lack of choice, and decreased quality of care.

Healthcare Choice and Freedom:

Promote the principle that individuals should have the freedom to choose their healthcare providers and the type of healthcare they receive.

Support a system that allows for various healthcare models, including private insurance, direct primary care, and other innovative healthcare delivery methods.

Free Market Healthcare Solutions:

Advocate for a healthcare system driven by free market principles, encouraging competition and innovation to improve quality and accessibility.

Policy Proposals

Encouraging Private Sector Involvement:

Propose policies that encourage private sector participation in healthcare, increasing choice and competition.

Support tax incentives or subsidies for individuals to obtain private health insurance or healthcare services.

Regulatory Reform:

Advocate for the reduction of excessive regulations that hinder the efficiency and responsiveness of healthcare services.

Promote reforms that make it easier for healthcare providers to offer services and for new healthcare models to emerge.

Supporting Health Savings Accounts:

Encourage the use of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or similar mechanisms that allow individuals to save and pay for healthcare expenses in a tax-advantaged way.

Commitment to Action

Our commitment is to a healthcare system where choice, quality, and efficiency are paramount. We firmly believe that the best way to achieve this is through market-driven solutions and individual freedom, rather than government-controlled models like the NHI. We will work tirelessly to oppose the NHI and advocate for policies that empower individuals in their healthcare decisions, ensuring access to high-quality and affordable healthcare for all.