Job Creation

We believe that the most effective and sustainable job creation comes not from government intervention, but from a thriving free-market economy. Our vision is an economic environment where entrepreneurs and businesses are empowered to grow, innovate, and create jobs. We are committed to fostering a landscape where the natural dynamism of the free market can flourish, leading to genuine and lasting employment opportunities for all.


We will keep the state's hands off your business. We will leave businesses to fire and hire as they see fit without meddling from the state and eradicate minimum wage policies leaving individuals free to engage in voluntary trade.

Core Principles

Free Market Job Creation:

Advocate for a free-market approach to job creation, where businesses of all sizes can thrive without excessive government intervention.

Recognize that the private sector, when unencumbered by onerous regulations and taxes, is the primary engine for creating sustainable employment.

Reducing Government Interference:

Commit to reducing the government's role in the economy, acknowledging that government does not create jobs but can either facilitate or hinder job creation.

Focus on removing barriers that inhibit business growth and job creation, such as excessive regulation and high taxation.

Entrepreneurial Environment:

Support policies that foster entrepreneurship and innovation, as these are key drivers of job creation and economic prosperity.

Policy Proposals


Propose significant reductions in unnecessary regulations that stifle business growth and discourage job creation.

Simplify the process for starting and operating businesses to encourage new ventures and expansions.

Tax Reform:

Advocate for a simpler, fairer tax system with lower rates for individuals and businesses to stimulate economic activity and job creation.

Eliminate punitive taxes that disproportionately impact small businesses and start-ups.

Labor Market Flexibility:

Promote a labor market that is adaptable and responsive, allowing for a natural balance between employers and employees.

Oppose restrictive labor laws that hinder the ability of businesses to hire and manage their workforce effectively.

Encouraging Innovation and Investment:

Support policies that incentivize investment in new technologies and business sectors, driving job creation and economic diversification.

Foster a business environment conducive to innovation, where entrepreneurs can develop new products and services.

Commitment to Action

Our commitment is to create a fertile ground for job creation by embracing the principles of the free market. We believe that the best way for the government to promote job growth is by getting out of the way - reducing its footprint in the economy and allowing the ingenuity and drive of the private sector to take the lead. Our policies are designed to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging businesses to grow and thrive, thereby creating high-quality jobs for our citizens.