State Owned Enterprises

We envision a future where the government steps back from owning and operating businesses, allowing the private sector to drive efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our stance is firmly against state ownership of enterprises, as history has repeatedly shown that such models often lead to inefficiency, corruption, and a drain on public resources. We believe in the power and efficiency of the free market to provide better services and products to the people.


The State has no business in business. We commit to selling all SOEs, starting with the most burdensome ones.

Core Principles


Advocate for the complete privatization of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), including major entities like Eskom.

Recognize that private ownership and competition drive efficiency, innovation, and better service delivery.

Reducing Government Role:

Emphasize that the government’s role should not be in business operations, as it often leads to mismanagement and fiscal burdens on the state.

Promote the idea that a leaner government focused on core functions is more effective and beneficial for society.

Transparency and Accountability:

Assert the need for transparency and accountability in the process of privatizing SOEs, ensuring fair and open procedures.

Policy Proposals

Strategic Sale of SOEs:

Implement a strategic and phased approach to selling state-owned enterprises to private entities.

Ensure that the sale process is transparent, competitive, and yields the best value for the public.

Regulatory Framework for Former SOEs:

Develop a robust regulatory framework to ensure that former SOEs operate in a fair and competitive environment post-privatization.

Focus on protecting consumers and preventing monopolistic practices in industries previously dominated by SOEs.

Economic Diversification:

Encourage economic diversification and the entry of new players in sectors previously monopolized by state-owned enterprises.

Minimizing Job Displacement:

Carefully manage the privatization process to minimize job displacement and provide support for workers transitioning to the private sector.

Commitment to Action

Our commitment is to liberate the economy from the inefficiencies of state-owned enterprises. We are dedicated to transitioning these entities into the hands of private businesses that can operate them more effectively and responsively. This move will not only relieve the government of financial burdens but also stimulate economic growth, create more competitive markets, and ultimately serve the public interest better. We believe that the path to a more prosperous and efficient economy lies in trusting the dynamism and innovation of the private sector.