We envision a future where the burden of taxes is significantly lightened, aligning with our belief that current tax levels are excessive and tantamount to confiscation of hard-earned income. Our aim is to drastically reduce taxes for all, including individuals and businesses, to foster an environment of economic freedom and prosperity. We believe in keeping the government out of our pockets and enabling citizens to retain more of what they earn.


We believe the current taxes are excessive and tantamount to theft. We will get rid of some taxes and reduce the ones that are left. It's your money, you decide where spend it.

Core Principles

Tax Reduction:

Commit to substantial tax cuts for individuals and businesses, promoting economic growth and personal financial freedom.

Advocate for a tax system that is simpler, fairer, and less burdensome.

Opposition to Excessive Taxation:

View excessive taxation as an overreach of government power, infringing on individual rights and economic liberty.

Emphasize that high taxes stifle innovation, investment, and economic growth.

Simplification of the Tax Code:

Aim to simplify the tax code to make it more understandable and less costly for taxpayers to comply with.

Policy Proposals

Across-the-Board Tax Cuts:

Propose across-the-board tax cuts, benefiting all income groups, with a particular emphasis on reducing business taxes to stimulate job creation and investment.

Simplifying Tax Laws:

Advocate for the simplification of tax laws, removing complex loopholes and making the tax system more transparent and efficient.

Eliminating Certain Taxes:

Identify and eliminate certain types of taxes that are particularly burdensome or counterproductive to economic activity.

Capping Government Spending:

Introduce measures to cap government spending, aligning it with the reduced tax revenue, to ensure fiscal responsibility.

Commitment to Action

Our commitment is to overhaul the current tax system, reducing the tax burden on individuals and businesses, and simplifying the tax code. We believe that by doing so, we can unlock the potential of our economy, encourage entrepreneurship, and allow citizens to enjoy the full fruits of their labour. We stand for a minimalistic approach to taxation, ensuring that the government operates within its means and respects the financial autonomy of its citizens.