The Economy

We envision an economy where freedom is the cornerstone, and the right to freely offer goods and services is upheld. We advocate for a truly free-market system that stands in stark contrast to the crony capitalism prevalent today. Our belief is that a genuine free-market economy offers unparalleled opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their background, interests, or abilities.


Freedom and free markets for a thriving society. We champion an economy where government steps back and prosperity steps forward.

Core Principles

Free Market Philosophy:

We believe in the importance of a genuine free-market approach as the most effective means of improving lives and fostering economic growth.

Freedom and Innovation:

We advocate for the freedom of businesses to operate without undue government interference, fostering innovation and creating value for consumers and job opportunities.

Role of Government:

We assert that the government’s role in the economy should be limited to protecting property rights, adjudicating disputes, and ensuring a legal framework for voluntary trade.

Policy Proposals


Propose the removal of excessive and unproductive regulations that burden businesses, stifle innovation, and hinder job creation.

Tax Reduction and Elimination:

Advocate for significant tax cuts and the elimination of various taxes, viewing taxation as a form of property confiscation that limits individual and business potential.

Fighting Crony Capitalism:

Promote policies that dismantle crony capitalist structures, ensuring a level playing field for all businesses.

Protecting Voluntary Trade:

Ensure that the legal framework supports and protects the freedom of individuals and businesses to engage in voluntary trade.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship:

Support an economic environment that encourages entrepreneurship and makes it easier for new businesses to start and thrive.

Reforming Monetary Policy:

Advocate for sound monetary policies that prevent inflation and preserve the value of currency.

Commitment to Action

Our commitment is to reshape the economy into one that truly reflects libertarian values of freedom, innovation, and equal opportunity. We are dedicated to removing the shackles of over-regulation, reducing the tax burden, and eliminating crony capitalist practices that have hindered our economic progress. We believe in the power of the free market to create prosperity and improve lives, and we are determined to create an environment where this can be a reality for everyone.