The Land

We envision a future where land ownership and acquisition are grounded in the principles of private property rights and equal opportunity for all, irrespective of race or background. We firmly believe that land reform should not favor one group over another. Instead, our focus is on the absolute protection of private property rights and the facilitation of a fair and open market where any individual who wishes to acquire land can do so through their own means.


No group possesses a special claim over the land or indigeneity over others. All South Africans are equally native with equal rights to own property. Respect for property rights is paramount for the maintenance of a free and prosperous society. We advocate for land ownership based on free market principles, not government allocation. We completely reject land expropriation without compensation. Simply put, if you want land then buy it.

Core Principles

Protection of Private Property Rights:

Uphold the sanctity of private property rights as a cornerstone of economic freedom and prosperity.

Oppose any form of land reform that infringes upon these rights, including expropriation without compensation.

Equality in Land Acquisition:

Advocate for a land acquisition process that is fair, transparent, and accessible to all citizens, without preferential treatment based on race or identity.

Promote the idea that land ownership should be achieved through lawful purchase and voluntary exchange.

Free Market Land Transactions:

Support a free-market approach to land transactions, where the buying and selling of land are governed by market forces and mutual consent.

Policy Proposals

Legislation Protecting Property Rights:

Propose and enforce legislation that firmly protects private property rights and opposes expropriation without fair compensation.

Ensure legal frameworks are in place to safeguard landowners’ rights and encourage responsible land stewardship.

Facilitating Access to Land Acquisition:

Encourage private investment in land development and real estate to increase the availability of land for purchase.

Educating on Land Ownership:

Implement educational programs to inform citizens about the processes and benefits of acquiring land through market mechanisms.

Provide resources and support to assist individuals in navigating the legal and financial aspects of land acquisition.

Commitment to Action

Our commitment is to ensure that land reform in South Africa is conducted in a manner that respects private property rights and promotes equal opportunities for all citizens. We stand against any policy that seeks to redistribute land based on racial or group identity. Instead, we advocate for a system where land ownership is a product of individual effort and voluntary economic exchange. We believe that this approach not only upholds the principles of fairness and justice but also contributes to a stable and prosperous society.